New York, NY, USA



Coaching Women for Health and Happiness


My mission is to empower women of all ages.  I will help you invigorate your inner strength, make healthier life choices, maximize your creativity, enhance the best parts of your relationships, and increase your overall mindfulness.


I believe strongly in heeding your wake-up calls. We all hear these calls but too often we women just let them ring and don’t answer them.



Why? Lack of support. Lack of self-confidence. Overwhelmed. Feeling stuck. Fear of change.

Together we will tackle life head on.

Make positive choices.

Improve your relationships.

Seek opportunities to be active.

Get unblocked.

Discover new directions.

Find mindful moments.

Be aspirational.

I bring to you the best of my mental health clinical training, along with a practical philosophy and a sense of humor.

I will coach you to be physically and mentally active, to challenge yourself, try new things, improve your relationships, and take risks. In short, I will help you live your life to the fullest.

I will teach you a range of skills that lead to emotional and physical fortitude and flexibility. 

Experienced. Creative. Supportive.

I live what I teach. I have been in a happy, supportive, loving marriage for fifty-three years. I’ve raised two wonderful children who have joyful marriages and have, in turn, raised two wonderful grand-children. I am always looking for ways to move forward and enrich myself and my family, be that a change of location, improving my education, or changing my professional direction.

I received my MSW from U.C. Berkeley. After twenty years in clinical practice I finally took the plunge to follow my dream and began an exciting new career as a professional writer. I went from seeing clients  to publishing dozens of romance novels. Later I published a couples self-help book with my husband, Dr. Jeffrey Title, Ed.D., called Loving Smart: Putting Your Cards on the Table, a guide to marital honesty. At that point I again reached out to women struggling with relationship problems. I also continued my writing career, focusing on mysteries and thrillers.


Recently I returned to my coaching roots and wrote another self-help book with my husband which we just completed. It is called Relationship Hygiene: A Concise Guide to Cleaning Up Your Act, which provides advice for what couples should and shouldn’t do to have a tidy, happy relationship. 

My next wake-up call came two years ago when I started having trouble breathing. Thanks to my husband's insistence, I  went to the cardiologist. Within hours I was admitted to Lenox Hill Cardiac Intervention via their emergency room. While in rehabilitation I met other women who were also struggling to get back into physical and emotional shape. I found a way to help them and myself by starting a support group I called Heart Beats. After finishing rehab my husband and I fulfilled a life-long dream to live in New York City. Once there I embraced my new wake-up call and expanded my coaching practice to help women of all ages achieve their full potential.


I offer sessions via phone, Skype, FaceTime and in-person at 111 E. 75th St. NYC.


Rate: $200 for 45-minute session.  Longer sessions are also available.

Join with me and we’ll talk the talk and walk the walk together.